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Internship-train in USA

If your dream is to study & Train in the USA, you are in the right place! DIVAN is the premier education guide for both students and non-students. You can contact and request information from universities and colleges of the USA for free directly from

We are the best platform for students looking for top programs in the USA. Here, we offer Internship USA (INT USA) and Professional Career Training USA (PCT USA). These programs are excellent opportunities for young professionals, international students, and recent graduates to spend up to one and half years in the USA. Through these two distinct programs, training is available for students and non-students; given them, the opportunity to take place all year round is allowed in almost any field of study. The programs are the best in terms of broadening horizons and acquiring useful skills and qualifications to one's resume.

The main objectives of these programs are to improve the exchange visitor's skills in his/her specialty or non-specialty occupation through participation in a well-thought-out training program and to improve the participant’s knowledge of American techniques, methodology or expertise within the individual's field of endeavor. Such training programs are also meant to enable the exchange visitor to better understand American culture and society. Also, it allows them to enhance American knowledge of foreign cultures, societies, and skills by providing the opportunity for open interchange of ideas between the exchange visitor trainees and the American culture.

Internship USA

Do you want to dunk yourself in the American way of life while also building professional skills in your chosen field of study? If yes, Divan International’s internship programs are solely meant for you! Build your global network, include international experience to your resume, improve your language skills and take your time to travel the country and make friends as well. Here at Divan International, our internship program is for young professionals, university or college students and recent graduates.



Services offered by Divan include:

* Help in securing a Job
* Help in getting US-government issued documents DS-2019 and J-1 Visa. These two documents will enable you to take employment without too much stress on your part.
* Help in acquiring social security number.
* Orientation to visa counseling.
* Extensive pre-departure information
* Extensive support services in the USA
* 24 Hours emergency contact
* Travel arrangements and Tickets.
* Full coverage insurance while you are abroad.
* Advisory staff throughout the program period
* Meet and assist on arrival at entry airport for groups.
* SEVIS registration
* One night in New York with breakfast upon arrival

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